Why does everything have to be so hard?   Or does it?   Does it seem to you that life is one long series of problems and struggle?   Do you find yourself continuously pulled in too many directions at once?   Do you feel continually stressed, behind, guilty about everything you should be doing (or shouldn’t)?   Are you often preoccupied with what might happen … or what they might think or say or do?

If so, this site was created with you in mind.  Because I used to feel just like that.   For most of my life, I felt that I had to do more, try harder, and be better.  But it was never enough.  I was never enough. And it was always … so hard.  But at some point, things got so bad, I was forced to find another way of being.

So the point of this website is to give airtime to the possibility that life can be easier.  That we can meet our responsibilities and accomplish our goals in a much more relaxed and natural way.    Our core belief is that most folks create their own difficulties through unconscious emotional habits.  If we are willing to take responsibility for our feelings, then we have the power to change them.  If we continue to blame our feelings on external situations or ‘problem’ people, we are always at their mercy.

So, most of what we recommend here has to do with changing unconscious negative patterns.  And our aim is to give you short processes and meditations you can use to release them.  Simple methods  for bringing greater clarity and lightness into our lives.

But, in addition,  we also talk about minor lifestyle changes you can make, simple actions you can take, to calm down and de-stress while getting things done.   We recommend gadgets that can help you to save time and effort.  We will suggest nutritional tips that can improve your health and boost your energy. Doesn’t extra fatigue make everything harder?

To use this site to your best advantage, we recommend that you start with The Essentials  page.  It describes our  basic philosophy and links you to audio clips of our basic ‘letting go’ techniques.

How we are organized.

  1. A regularly updated blog (click the Posts tab, up top) that gives you suggestions on how to Make Things Easier and provides links to audio clips that help you to do so.
  2. Coaching pages that contain audio sessions which help you to release the emotional patterns that keep you struggling and stressed.
  3. Informational pages that tell you about us and what we do … and that lay out our views on making life easier.

- Ryu 

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